About Us

About Us

Established by Chairman, Ebrahim Ali Taheri, in 1979, EBRAHIM ALI TRADING ESTABLISHMENT sought always to introduce reasonably price confectionary products but with a higher than average quality to the Bahraini consumer.

The initial focus was obviously on the wholesale market, who were and still are to a certain degree, the main inroad to the wider consumer market. this tradition is being carried forward by the joining of the Chairman’s two sons into the company, Ahmed and Nader, after which the company name was changed to EBRHIM ALI TRADING CO WLL

Having a detailed understanding of wholesale customers requirements and in turn their potential is the most important marketing activity any business must have, and this experience and knowledge was present in the Chairman, who had accumulated over the previous years with his marketing activities in the early to late 70′s in the then young but vibrant Saudi Arabian market.

Having a detailed understanding of bahrain market and its potential in terms of confectionery section, with the aim that once we introduce an item we work on its long term potential with consumers. brand building and increasing consumer awareness & confidence is always our major focus in business.

Going forward we continuously look to add to our range of imports and its introduction to consumers, with products which we can have confidence in its quality and success.Our company services a high majority of the hypermarkets & supermarkets, not forgetting the very important wholesalers who still remain the main inroad to our market.

Our sales and merchandising teams over all potential customers, providing continuous feedback to the management on the sales health of current range and opportunities for future ranges.